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Ron Mays Goaltending School
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Location: ON, Canada
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Each of our training sessions is semi-private or private with a student-to-instructor ratio of 2:1 or 1:1.  This small group structure allows us to customize our program to meet the specific individual needs of each of our students while ensuring that each student is provided with ample opportunity to enhance their existing skill level and learn new skills at the same time.

Technical skills are developed through blocked practice where correct form and technique are essential during each repetition.  Once a strong foundation of technical skills are in place, decision training drills designed to enhance the goaltender’s cognitive skills including anticipation, attention, pattern recognition and memory retrieval are completed.

During each training session, instructors wear their goalie pads to provide effective demonstrations to students.  Modelling is critical to the learning process particularly for goaltenders, the vast majority of whom are visual learners.  Effective demonstrations are impossible when instructors refuse to put their pads on and show the goaltender how to execute a specific skill with proper technique.

Perhaps most importantly, goalies who train with Ron Mays gain tremendous confidence in their ability to keep the puck out of their net due to the skills and knowledge they acquire during training sessions.  These goalies enter games expecting to be successful because of the tools they have developed, and usually are, as a result.

At the Ron Mays Goaltending School we firmly believe that every goaltender deserves elite level instruction, regardless of their age or ability.  We look forward to helping you take your game to the next level while gaining maximum enjoyment from our training sessions.
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