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Franco Canadian Goalie School
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Location: ON, Canada
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The Franco Canadian Goalie School was initially established by David and his brother Marco in Toronto, Ontario in 1991. The school has been in successful operation training goalies from all over North America and Europe. It is a full time school operating all year round, allowing goalies to train seven days a week all season long in our indoor training center, on ice, or in our professionally equipped and staffed gym.

Athletes at all levels have used Davidís coaching style and technique. His new innovative style and approach to goaltending has been successfully recognized and used by goaltenders in the NHL, AHL, and OHL. David has coached goalies at all levels from beginners and making his way through the Jr. ranks, and finally establishing himself at the pro NHL level. Davidís vast experience and talent in producing and developing young goaltenders has not gone unnoticed. He works with many top player agencies helping with consulting, scouting and training new prospects.

The Franco Canadian Goalie School takes pride in the development of each athlete. A goaltenderís development and success not only measures their commitment and desire, but also that of the Franco Canadian Goalie School. We take extreme pride in knowing that many of our goaltenders (especially in the last few years) have been selected high in the OHL draft, placing goalies on top teams with bright futures ahead. Many of our goaltenders are currently starters in the OHL, preparing them for that next level.