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About Us

The soul of the company lies with in 3 “hockeynuts” that are also the founders and partners in the company. These 3 have all been involved in hockey for decades within various levels. These partners are Jarmo “Jamo” hautakoski, Pekka Ajanto and Jukka Ropponen.

Because Jamo & Jukka are goalies and goalie coaches themselves and Pekka has been working for years now as one of country’s top goalie and custom gear experts it was a natural step to start our own goalie coaching and development company. Main reason was that we all felt that this area needs more focus and attention.

At the beginning GoaliePro will be focused on arranging training events for goalies, developing new training methods and importing training aids/devices. Research work is vital part of our company and all this “behind the scenes” work is what fuels our development work. You can expect us to bring new training methods out on regular basis.

Our website is important part of the company and our main method for sharing information with fellow goalies and coaches around the world. In the resource area of our website you will be able to read always new and fresh articles from our own coaches and several other topic experts. Our resource library will continue the tradition of free resources started by RAHockey and we will actually update and move all RA’s articles to our library over the next couple of months. This work does naturally cost money, but our intention is still to keep it free. The way we believe this can be done will be the sales of GoaliePro branded apparel though our website. We certainly hope that you feel that these resources are valuable to you and support this work through purchases of GoaliePro gear (available in Sept/Oct 2004). The line will have basic items like hats, shirts and goalie cut practice jerseys.

This is GoaliePro in a nutshell. Our operations have just started and we will enhance our website, programs etc all the time, so come back often and see what new we have to offer.

GoaliePro Team
Jukka, Pekka & Jamo