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Head2Head Goaltending
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Locations: Canada - BC, SK, AB  USA - MD, WA
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My name is Jack O'Halloran and I own and operate Head2Head Goaltending. At H2H we don't teach just one style, we don't follow just one program, and we don't insist on "our way". At H2H we teach Goaltenders, as individuals, as coach to student, nothing less.

We always aim for the same result (fewer pucks in our net), but we realize that every goalie is different. The key: treat each goalie as a individual, make the individual more important than the program.

Our instructors have all grown up with the H2H philosophy and know how to pass that on to the next generation of netminders. We strive for perfection thru hard work, making and correcting mistakes, and setting the stage for every goalie to achieve success.

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