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Andrew Mercer Hockey Development
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Location: Ottawa Area, ON Canada
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Welcome to Andrew Mercer Hockey Development!  For any goalie looking to work on their game, AMHD is the premier provider of instruction in the greater Ottawa area.

From Nova Scotia to, Sweden and from house league to the pro’s, my team and I have instructed goalies of all ages and levels all across the world.

I attribute AMHD’s success as a goaltending school to our ability to combine a deep knowledge of goaltending with a resiliency to adapt to the various personalities and athletic needs of each one of our clients.

At AMHD we believe that understanding each goalie as both an athlete and as a distinct personality is the key to any lasting success.  Every day at AMHD we strive to get the absolute most out of any client we see… and of course, we’re always having as much fun as possible!!!