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MAC Goaltending
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Location: NY (Capital District), USA
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About Bryan McDonald

Bryan McDonald is the founder and director of MAC Goaltending, a Capital District-based goaltender development company that conducts summer camps and clinics as well as private lessons for both youth and elite goaltenders year round.

Bryan has served as a consultant and development coach for several NCAA Universities, the CD Selects and Green Mountain Glades Junior programs (EJHL), and numerous high school and youth hockey organizations. He has over 18 years of experience at the highest level of Youth and Junior 鄭� hockey.

The MAC Goaltending Philosophy

Goaltenders have to be the most prepared athletes in sports. So much detail goes into playing a simple, efficient, and consistent game. At the professional level, the game is being taken by storm by successful young goaltenders who are able to adapt quickly because of their disciplined approach.

The best young goalies in the game today do the least in the net, minimizing unnecessary movements. We believe that simplicity is the key to developing consistently great goaltending. We put heavy emphasis on a goaltender's movement and athleticism in our training, both of which are harnessed in a positional system that breeds long term success.

We train our goaltenders to have proficient knowledge on how to properly execute every situation encountered in the net, and also go to great lengths to make the environment fun and positive because of the everyday pressures that the position brings. Most importantly, we nurture relationships with each of our students and their families. Once a goalie enters our program we pride ourselves on delivering individual attention, cutting edge development, and customized consulting. Our mission is to give each goaltender the best tools and opportunities to maximize his or her abilities.