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MEGA Goaltending
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MEGA Goaltending

Hello my name is Justin Johnson. I am the founder of MEGA Goaltending and goalie coach for the University of Minnesota Men’s team. Over the last couple years I have witnessed a disturbing trend amongst some of the programs developed to serve goaltenders in the Midwest. There has been a shift in focus from the uniqueness of the individual goaltender’s abilities and needs to total adherence to a goalie coach’s system of play. Not only does physiological and psychological research discourage this route. It completely disregards the personality of the individual and their needs from the coaching experience.

In addition coaches routinely speak to their goaltenders about the importance of focus, preparation and ability to deal with getting scored on, yet they have no way of actually teaching them how!

These scenarios and others like it inspired me and other like-minded coaches to create Minnesota Elite Goalie Academy (MEGA). At MEGA mental toughness skills (life skills) are at the forefront of our training and our culture.

Being a goalie is one of the most challenging and rewarding positions in all of sport. Yet the time and level of quality guidance that is paid to our goaltenders often falls far short. Leaving kids, parents, and coaches uninspired about the position and disheartened about their chances of reaching their potential.

Our entire staff of certified mentors works with great passion and with the big picture in mind. We see sports and the position of goaltending as a tremendous opportunity to teach kids valuable life lessons that will guide and serve them long after they hang up the skates.

At MEGA we believe in total development of the individual, and that motto is reflected in the variety of services we provide. I encourage you to take some time to check out our dynamic programs and services. If you do, I know you’ll see the MEGA difference!