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PGD Toronto (Professional Goaltending Development, Toronto)


PGD Toronto (Professional Goaltending Development, Toronto) is a year-round goalie school which specializes in the many aspects of goaltender development. From the basic proper stance to the advanced in game reads, PGD Toronto has all of your development needs covered.

What We Teach

A common question from prospective students is "What style of goaltending do you teach?" The answer is simple: we don't. While many modern-day goaltending techniques are based on the butterfly style, we realize that all goaltenders develop their own unique style based on a number of different factors.

PGD Toronto has developed a simple, yet effective, system based on the 3 fundamentals of goaltending - movement, positioning, and save selection.

The System

Movement - The days of being able to hide one's skating deficiencies behind the mask are over. Skating is the foundation for all successful goaltenders in today's game. Students are taught how to effectively use their edges and the proper footwork to move around the crease with control and efficiency.

Positioning - The majority of goals scored in today's game are due to the goaltender's mistakes in positioning. Students will learn to read different game situations and apply different positional strategies accordingly. No matter what style you play, being in the proper position allows for the best opportunity to make a save.

Save Selection - The most basic job description for a goaltender is to stop the puck. While there are many ways to keep pucks out of the net, students will learn the most modern and effective ways to do with an emphasis on proper body positioning and puck tracking.