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Breakaway Goaltending
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Breakaway Goaltending

About BG

Mike Lumsden (N.C.C.P. Level 1 Coach) - Founder/Director
Jack Hartigan - Pro Instructor
Justin Collier - Head Instructor
Melvin Day - Head Instructor
Landon Crowe - Jr. Instructor
Matt Schlotzhauer - Jr. Instructor
Dylan Frank - Jr. Instructor
Joe Chabassol - Training & Conditioning Specialist

Breakaway Goaltending creates a positive learning environment that encourages high expectations for individual success through appropriate instruction. Our school promotes a fun and supportive environment. Each student's self-esteem and improved skills are fostered by positive relationships with students and knowledgeable staff.

A message from a student and now instructor...
I was first introduced to Mike in December of 2009. He was my respected goalie coach while I played for the Weeks Junior A Crushers of the MHL and has been my exclusive coach ever since. Mike's ability to observe, network, and question the status quo has paved the way for many aspiring young goaltenders including myself. His unbelievable dedication to understanding the goaltending position is second to none, furthermore Mike provides a fun, unique, collaborate style of teaching which leads to direct results on the ice. Aside from coaching, Mike's charisma and positive attitude makes him a desirable person to be around. In fact at any given moment Mike will engage in a story or tell a funny joke just to get a smile out of you. As cliché as it sounds, Mike is one of the few truly special individuals I've ever met. I would recommend any aspiring goaltender regardless of age, skill level, and experience to work with Mike. As he explains to me "It's not about where you're at right now, it's all about where you're going". Mike's words inspire me today as I am currently attending St Thomas University playing CIS hockey in the AUS division. Thank you Mike for all the hours spent sweating in the crease, all the puck marks remaining on my pads, and especially the good times we had along the way. To all the breakaway goaltenders around the globe and to you Mike, stay square and "start stopping".