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Progressive Goaltending
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Progressive Goaltending

Welcome to Progressive Goaltending. From on-ice clinics to instructional media, Progressive Goaltending challenges the industry standard by staying ahead and exploring new possibilities in goaltending.

We provide in-depth instructional video analysis for goaltenders wanting to take their game to the next level.  Film analysis is a great way for you to fully understand your game. Your instructional DVD includes professionally edited video footage with instructional commentary to meet your unique and individual needs.  This is a valuable learning tool that no goalie today should be without.

Progressive Goalteding's on ice clinics are very innovative and forward-thinking; we guarantee it's nothing like you have experienced before! With each of our drills designed with the goal in mind to challenge each student, making them better each time they step onto the ice.

Our staff remains extremely passionate about the game and easily transition from player to coach  providing students with a desirable and exciting learning environment.

Join the progressive movement and look for a Progressive Goaltending event coming to an arena near you.