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Alexander Goalie School
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Country: Canada
Various locations in Moncton and Fredericton, NB


About Us

As the founder of Alexander Goaltending it is my objective not only to ensure a quality product year in year out; but also, to continually overachieve in the area of goaltender development.

Ultimately we are building a culture of hard work, success, and achievement.  Goaltenders who attend our camps become absorbed in this culture and take these values with them.

For me, its not about the winís column or the goals against average. Itís the e-mail I get in November telling me that a goaltender is working harder than they could have ever imagined.

Alexander Goaltending is built on hard work, day in day out. We look forward to sharing our beliefs with you some day, en route to achieving your goals.

John Alexander
President - Alexander Goaltending

Now in its 18th year, Alexander Goaltending continues to improve, develop and expand itís program offerings to meet the changing needs of the goaltending community.  With a commitment to bring the latest in skill development to their students, they devote countless hours to research and study of the latest professional teaching.