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Jon Elkin

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Jon Elkin's Goalie Schools
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Location: Toronto, Canada


Modern Day Hockey Goalie Training
In 1984, Jon Elkin started his goalie school at 16 years of age as a part-time venture in Montreal, Quebec where he grew up. He moved to Toronto 19 years ago to operate the school full-time. Since then the school has grown into one of the largest goalie schools in the world. It operates year-round seven days per week including ten straight weeks of summer goalie hockey training where students congregate from all over the world to learn modern day hockey goalie tips and techniques.

Extensive Hockey Goalie Experience
Jon Elkin has coached at all levels. He was the Calgary Flames (NHL) goalie coach for three seasons and has been the goalie coach for teams in the AHL, WHL, QMJHL and OHL, all top feeder systems to the NHL. He has coached 21 NHL goalies.

Toronto - Hockey Training Capital of the World!
We don't have hockey training locations throughout North America. Instead goalies come to us! Jon Elkin lives in Toronto where he has a full-time hockey staff in place. In this way, maximum quality can be ensured. The availability of the school's experienced, well-trained, year-round hockey goalie instructors and shooters, guarantees that our training system is implemented to its best. The Toronto area sends more hockey goalies and hockey players to the NHL than any other region in the world, making the availability of top caliber instructors and shooters exceptional.