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Smart Goalie - Larry Sadler
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Location: Ontario, Canada


■On-site Goaltender Evaluation
■On-site Goaltender Instruction
■On-site Goaltender Clinics

About Larry Sadler

Goaltending requires special attention. Not everyone can guide a goaltender and help them to enhance their skills. Even if someone has played goal it doesn’t necessarily mean they are an expert or able to teach properly.

An effective goaltender requires a knowledgeable goaltender coach, someone who has studied the position, knows what works, and knows how to transfer that knowledge.

Larry Sadler is one of a small number of goaltender coaches who is that knowledgeable.

For over 30 years he has analyzed goaltending at all levels and age groups. His work with various hockey schools, camps and clinics throughout Ontario have provided him the opportunity to test and to refine his skills as a goaltending coach. His successful work with University, Junior and High School goaltenders has demonstrated his ability to teach and to dramatically refine the skills of elite goaltenders.

Always working on improving his craft, Sadler has spent time in Finland working alongside and studying with top Finnish goaltending coach, Jukka Roponnen. With just 4.56% of registered players internationally the Finns make up 13% of those NHL goaltenders who played 30 or more games last season. Their approach seems to be working! 

Sadler has also consulted and worked with top Austrian and Czech goaltending experts as well as with USA goaltending guru and Nashville Predators Goalie Coach, Mitch Korn. In 2009 he spent a week studying the Tretiak – Russian approach to goaltending.