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Accel Goaltending
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Locations: Canada (BC, AB, MB, SK)


Accel Goaltending provides Goaltender Training & Programs that teach the fundamentals of today's Goaltending to goalies from age 8-18. We have 5 day programs that run during the summer months and 3 Day Clinics that run year round to re-enforce teaching and assist development.

Accel Goaltending students are separated into 3 levels for both on ice and off ice activities. These levels are determined by both age, and skill level and there are typically 4 groups within those 3 levels. Each level has been designed to prepare the student for optimal skills advancement.

There are many activities that Accel Goalies will participate throughout the course of a week with us. Our group of experienced instructors mentor students through these activities, which include; on ice training and development specific for each level, Goaltender specific off ice training, games and challenges, classroom sessions covering all the key areas of development.

Specialized Accel Video Training sessions are also included in all programs. Individual professional video analysis is included with the Level 3 program.

We are proud of our program and take a lot of care in mentoring our students to ensure that they are having fun, being challenged and learning and developing the skills they need to compete at the level they wish to pursue.

Parents available for the week of our schools are welcome to attend classroom sessions, and parent meetings are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.