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Progressive Stepped Development
We believe that the foundation of everything goalies learn  is based on positional mastery. From Novice aged beginning goalies to Pro caliber athletes, all our students are taught to continually work towards improving their positioning skills. Stressing confident positioning is where all goalies start. Once positioning has been understood and demonstrated consistently, our students are ready to start learning the mechanics of stance, movement, challenging shooters, rebound control, playing the puck, and directing play in the defensive end. These are all teachable skills that with our tested training methods have been shown to contribute to the exceptional development of goalies aspiring to raise their game to a higher level.

Attention to Details
Our Instructors are sticklers for details. Details on stance, positioning, holding your stick and other subtleties can mean the difference between the one that got past you and making the winning save. Students are constantly monitored and assessed for their adherence to practicing exactly as the instructors have explained. Long term, we have found that this attention to details makes our students more aware of the finer points of their game and aids in developing their mental toughness.