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Be A Pro Goaltending School
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LOCATION: Southwestern Ontario Area, Canada
Website: Be A Pro Goaltending School

We give you all the tools it takes to Be a Pro ...
It's up to you what you do with them!

Do you want to be the best goalie you can be?

Are you looking to have a competitive edge over your competition?

Do you want to develop the habits it takes to be a pro?

Be A Pro Goaltending School was started to fill the enormous void in goaltending schools in the area of Southwestern Ontario, and since 2004 we have been teaching our students how to Be A Pro. Until Be A Pro, there were no schools which properly addressed the modern style of goaltending known as the butterfly. The schools who attempted to teach the butterfly style did not have the proper training or the understanding it takes to teach the butterfly style.
To teach the butterfly style properly the teacher must have learned it first hand (not just from watching it on television) and secondly, but most important the teacher must play the butterfly style. The best way to teach students is by showing them the proper way to do something and if the instructor cannot do it properly themselves then how will the student ever learn properly? This is why Be A Pro boasts the best credentials for teaching the butterfly in Southwestern Ontario.

Our students will learn the calm butterfly where LESS IS MORE. In just 4 years since Be a Pro's creation, we have come to be known as the best butterfly goalie school in Southwestern Ontario, so to become the BEST you must train with the BEST.