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Dave Marlin Goaltending
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Location: NJ, PA  USA and Bled, Slovenia
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I grew up in the Philadelphia area and played my youth hockey with Downingtown High School, and the Quakers club team. Upon graduation I decided to go to Montreal, Quebec and took an opportunity to play Jr. A hockey. At this time Quebec was cutting edge on coaching and goaltending and I wanted to play and learn from the best. In two seasons at John Abbott College I was a 1 time first team all star, all rookie, and up for School Athlete of the year, along with 2 post season appearances. After my time in Montreal I spent two year of Div 3 college hockey graduating from Geneseo state University with a degree in Math and Education.

Professional Playing Career
Following my time in college, my life journey took to the ECHL where I bounced around for 5 seasons playing with the Reading Royals, Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies, Trenton Titans, Las Vegas Wranglers, Fresno Falcons, and Dayton Bombers. I was fortunate enough to attend 2 AHL camps with the Hershey Bears in 2004 and 2007. My last year professional took me to Vienna Austria and finished in the Slovak Extra League with HK36 hockey club.

During my time as a player I began coaching in the offseason and began the Dave Marlin Goaltending Academy in 2004. Little did I know that camp of 18 goalies would develop into what it is today. I pride myself in being cutting edge on goaltending techniques. In the 90’s Quebec was number one in goaltending so I went there to learn their style. I was fortunate enough to have consulted with Warren Strelow the late great NHL goalie coach of the Sharks, Devils, and Capitals as well at the goalie coach of the 1980 Team USA Olympic team.

The Finnish Style
In 2006 I flew to Finland to study the Finnish style that was taking the NHL by storm. I have been back a number of times since and consulted with over 8 clubs there and know the different teachings of each club. This has become the foundation of my coaching as the DMGA has taken the best parts of each style and combined them into what I now call “the Finnish Style”. The Differences are numerous but Finnish style goalies are more athletic, flexible, active hands, better puck trackers, and better balance. We focus on not forcing a style on a goalie but taking their strengths, working in their weaknesses and building a style that the goalie can be successful with.

…we play like athletes and we compete on everything…

If you watch Jon Quick, Miikka Kiprusoff, Pekka Rinne, and like how they play then you will love our school. We don’t play like robots, we play like athletes and we compete on everything. While many other schools are now shifting to the Finnish style, we have been doing it for 7 years. We were the first in North America to introduce it and we are the best. Come give us a try and you will learn more than you have ever learned before. We teach, we work hard, and we battle in our camps. So get those gloves forward, and be aggressive!