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Goalie Force
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Location: Espoo, Finland
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As an ice hockey goalie you are the most important player in the team and everyone knows that hockey goalies are special breed of athletes. Goalies stand alone in front of the net as the last line of defense, in front of all the fans, team mates and enemy players. We are uniquely trained and equipped for a one of a kind position, and that is why only a great goalie coach knows how to teach you.

Goalie Force brings you the knowledge of the top goalie coaches and trainers, services of agents who truly care about you, and tools from the leading manufacturers to ensure that you are as capable and as prepared as possible, because as a goalie you are the only person who can determine the outcome of the game alone. If you follow our advice we guarantee that at the end of the day you’ll know, you’ve done everything you can as well as possible, and there will be no ifs.

Winning is our tradition, quality is our reputation and passion is what sets us apart. But in front of all, the network of professionals is what makes Goalie Force strong and gives you an access to the knowledge of the best.

Goalie Force Academy is an international goalie school based in Finland that specializes in making NHL goalies. Turning you into an NHL goalie is our focus and to achiave that we will provide you with all the tools, knowledge and services you’ll need on your way to the NHL.

Goalies are our focus, but we also teach scoring to players because who knows better how to beat goalies than a goalie coach. And of course defense zone coverage is naturally part of teachings. Many of the camps are hosted in co-operation with player coaches in order to maximize the effectiveness of drills for goalies and players.