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King of the Crease
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Location: AB, Canada
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At King of the Crease we constantly strive for excellence. By teaching these skills and tactics, we are building the ultimate hybrid goaltender.

Our program stresses:

    Quick lateral movement
    Good reflexes
    Effective save selection and rebound control
    Active hands
    Solid positioning
    The ability to read plays and correctly react
    Puck handling
    Hard work
    A high compete and battle level
    Mentally tough
    Strong conditioning and flexibility

Our coaches and instructors take the time to develop a working, and personal relationship with every student. We know our goalies. We train them hard but we treat them fair. We know how hard to push each individual student. At King of the Crease we are very detail oriented. Our in depth explanation of techniques, and our ability to correct mistakes before they become bad habits, give our goalies the best chance to achieve excellence. We instil an I believe in you, you believe in me mentality. Positive outcomes will be achieved with a bond and a belief system of that strength. At the end of the day, the relationships we build with our goaltenders is more valuable than our knowledge of the game.