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Monster Goalie Academy
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Dear Pia & Mont

You deserve some feedback after such great efforts during the camp in Frederikshavn. It is difficult to say enough good things because words are sometimes hard to find when one has experienced something so dramatic as MGA. What a learning experience - and in only three days!

As parents, it was clear to see the satisfaction from student and parents alike - both on, and off the ice. Your work was so positive on all levels. But in fact that is an understatement, as we feel it was fantastic! What we (both us as parents and our boy) learned in just three days is far greater than what others have attempted to do for years! You have really made a difference, and Mont deserves much praise for his fantastic way of teaching and motivating.

We parents have also found out that now we can better provide advice and support for our boy. Mont's decision to allow all parents full access to the lectures, is a huge bonus. Unfortunately most normal hockey coaches do not understand the world of the goalie, and thus the only advice the goalies get is either from the parents or none at all. BIG thanks to MGA for providing us the confidence to provide legitimate advice to our young goallies - and what to look for during their development!

And last but not least, thanks for showing us the importance of using video as a tool for correcting mistakes - super!

Thanks again for 3 fantastic days with 2 fantastic people!
We will with 100% certainty by at the next MGA camp!

Goalie family from AAB ishockey