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Coach doesn't like goalie coach
« on: Sep 02, 2014, 09:29 AM »
My son (11) came home the other night and said his coach does not like his goalie coach.  I received an email today requesting the goalie coach not attend practice tonight and the coach wants to talk to me.  The goalie coach is a local H.S. goalie who attends the same camps/clinics my son attends.  He has only come to 2 practices and I have observed both, and I see no issues.  I pay the goalie coach.  There are 2 goalies.  The goalie coach helps each child equally but the other parents do not contribute financially.  I cannot afford to pay an experienced goalie coach, and I figured, at least this was better than nobody.  Oh, my son does not like the asst coach who coaches the goalies when my goalie coach doesn't come to practice.  Aside from being a "screamer", he is instructing my son in techniques that are opposite from those he has learned from his camps/clinics. The asst coach is NOT a goalie coach and has never been a goaltender.  This is my son's first year with this team.  I'm hoping his last, but I need to get through this season with at least some of my sanity intact. question is...what should I say to the coach if he insists my goalie coach not come and that the asst coach takes exception with his technique?  My goalie coach is only 15 and I know he is not comfortable asserting himself with the other coaches.  As a parent, do I have any say on who is my son's goalie coach?  As you can tell, I am a mother who knows little about hockey, let alone goaltending.  I am learning this stuff as I go, and my poor son has to live with my mistakes. 

Any ideas or suggestions (legit/serious ones only please....I know the easy thing to do (tell the guy off)...but I would like some real helpful ideas).  THANKS!  :)