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Dahan Goaltending
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TEL: 905-872-6021

Dahan Goaltending - Goalie Hockey School is a school for goaltenders of all ages and levels. Dahan's training offers not only high performance and athletic programs but also a very technically focused approach to teach and improve all goaltenders athletic abilities and postioning. Our instructors are all educated in the fitness field and have impressive hockey backgrounds. Our vision is to train our goaltenders of any age or gender no matter their skill level and to work alongside them to bring out their full potential of an athlete by making them train and act like true hockey athletes.

We are based out of Brampton, Ontario and serve all surronding areas including all of the Greater Toronto Area. We run all year round goalie training programs at two different locations in Brampton and Mississauga. We also offer off-ice personal training for youth including sessions with a certified trainer that has hockey specific experience. This helps all youth practice their sport to the highest level with a proper fitness regime and healthy routine.

Our mission, is to train every single goalie to achieve their own personal goals and bring out their passion for the sport. By not changing their style of goaltending but instead teaching a proper foundation with effective mechanics and mindset to lead into an athletic & technical style of play now seen in modern goaltending.