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Pulling Goalies
« on: Apr 05, 2012, 06:50 PM »
Discussion/comments/stories about pulling goalies in the middle of a game.


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Re: Pulling Goalies
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When is the right age to start pulling goalies?


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Re: Pulling Goalies
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Goalies can be "removed" from the game at any age as long as the coach explains to the goalies and their parents prior to first game that there is the possibility of being removed and the various reasons/situations in which it may occur. If all are prepared and understand then it should be fine. Naturally, coaches should say some words of encouragement to the goalie being removed as he/she approaches or is on the bench and to let the goalie know that he will talk to him after the game when he has more time. I've seen coaches pulling goalies from as young as tyke selects (6-7 year olds). See the reasons for "removing" goalies in the article below.

Click here to read article "Pulling The Goalie Shouldn’t Be A ‘Knee Jerk’ Reaction"