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Go Down and Play High Theory
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"The butterfly save was originally created to stop a low shot. The save is made by going down on the knees and spreading the leg pads outward flat on the ice. This movement is more effective than a skate save or a stick save because the width and length of the pads can take away a major part of the bottom of the net if the goalie’s angle and depth against the shot are correct. Statistically, about 80% of the shots are taken to the bottom two-thirds of the net (below image), so the butterfly save is very effective to stop the majority of shots. The butterfly save works even better when the shot is taken closer to the crease because the scoring angle is decreased laterally and vertically. Thus the butterfly save technique has become very popular recently."

"Top level goaltenders today employ the going down movement for over 90% of their saving actions so it would be proper to say the going down movement is the predominant saving action in today's goaltending."

"This commitment of going down and focusing on high shots can be called 'Go Down and Play High Theory'."

"Advantages of Going Down movement:
In order to react to the shot and make the save in the very limited time that is given to a goalie, the 'Going Down' movement is effective for the following reasons:..."

Read full research and thesis WORD file | PDF file
Written by Hiroki Wakabayashi
Owner, Hockey Lab Japan
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