Author Topic: Help with 8 y.o. starting goalie in Sept.  (Read 3982 times)


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Help with 8 y.o. starting goalie in Sept.
« on: Apr 20, 2012, 07:56 PM »
new to the area and i have an 8 year old who wants to play net.  he just wants to learn the basics and play house league. i want to give him a good start before september. any suggestions???


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Re: Help with 8 y.o. starting goalie in Sept.
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At age 8 and house league, if you are willing to do a tiny bit of research on line (YouTube videos etc) you could probably give him all he needs to know if you just work with him a few hours in front of a net on your driveway.

If you can drill into him a few basics that he reports over and over when on the ice he will be perfectly fine.


The 8 yr old house league break away
- resting position in the middle of the net totally relaxed
- kid on breakaway when crosses blue line time to move out to the very top of the crease
- just before kid shoots go down into the butterfly
- you have to get educated that modern goalie pads rotate and are now lose - he lands on knee stack as pads rotate - pads are not on tight and he does not do splits (you will understand later)
- return to rest position
- repeat over and over again
- resting position, move out to extreme top of crease, make save, move back and start again

Puck scramble in front of him
- at this age paddle down works very, very well as puck goes in along the ice
- don't move to the very top of the crease as no time to react
- stay middle of crease when scramble starts
- get into buttfly position with paddle down
- this seals 70% of the bottom of the net, if he shifts back and forth as scramble moves he has a 90% chance of saving the puck

Puck coming from the corner
- teach him to play to use the posts to know where he is
- if the puck is in the corner, have him place his skate blade touching the post so he knows where the net starts
- at that age, and even NHL, the short side in a,ways the fastest way in
- just this very basic position at this age in house league saves you at least one goal per game

Puck behind the net
- YouTube this to teach yourself the technique
- a 10 yr old AAA goalie is better making this ave than an NHL goalie from the 50s
- technique is to get down into the butterfly sealing the bottom of the net before they get to the corner they are going with paddle down to seal the lower part of the net
- when they go to the blocker side they have to practice getting the but end of the stick to the outside and around the post - if he practices this technique 50 times he will same another 10 goals as an 8 year old

- at that age almost everything goes in low
- the goalies are tiny relative to the size of the net
- they are also on their own out there so they benefit tremendously by having Simple Repeatable Routine(s)
- your son before the season starts should have these 4 routines memorized and should be able to show you them instantly (the break away, the scrum in front, behind the net, coming from the side of the net)

If an 8 year old house league goalie is proficient at those 4 things he will be a star
- that is assuming he can skate
- if he can't stand on skates and move around he will be in trouble
- at that age do not stick him in big goalie equipment - no need - make sure he can move - smaller is almost better

The one piece of goalie equipment I suggest you buy for him is a goalie neck / throat guard - it is different than a players and far more protective - this is a must - his head will be down in traffic with sticks and skates around his head - spend the $40 and buy him one - it is critical.

You are about to enter and incredibly stressful position.

There is no reason you can't teach him everything above yourself - especially with the Internet to educate your self and good father and son time on the driveway